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E4: Outstanding Images: Ep 4

We define and quantify the core elements that control the style of an image and look at practical examples and applications of four styles - commercial/travel, B&W high contrast photojournalistic, B&W fine art and Cinematic.

Best viewed before E5, Processing for Style. Scroll down for more info and trailer.

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Runtime: Two parts, 1h42m and 1h24m 
We begin by questioning and explaining what style is, and the quantitative hallmarks/ tools that can be used to define, control and create a particular impression, and more importantly, why. I then take four popular, easily defined styles - commercial/travel, high contrast photojournalist black and white, fine art black and white and cinematic - and deconstruct them to their constituent elements, looking at examples and precisely defining what gives them their unique visual look. I then take these elements on a live demo shoot for each style on location in Penang, and discuss the finished images to explain why they work.
The videos are meant to be viewed as a pair to be complete, so we're offering a special bundle price: US$130 (save $30)

Chapter listing

Part 1:
  • Introduction
  • Defining style
  • Hallmarks and tools of style
  • Quality of light
  • Color palette
  • Color or B&W
  • Perspective
  • Depth of field
  • Contrast and tonality
  • Subject matter
  • Commercial
  • Commercial - Live examples
  • High contrast photojournalist B&W
  • High contrast photojournalist B&W - Live examples

Part 2:

  • Fine art B&W
  • Fine art  B&W - Live examples
  • Cinematic
  • Cinematic - Live examples


Selected Testimonials

Matthew Stark (Intro to PS Workflow, Making Outstanding Images Ep. 4 & 5) - I recently purchased the “Intro to photoshop workflow” and “Making Outstanding Images 4 & 5″ combo. As I went into these lessons with a large amount of experience in Photoshop, I found the more practical stylistic examples in the “Making Outstanding Images” videos more useful than the “Intro to Photoshop Workflow” video. The quality of all the videos was fantastic – very well filmed and edited. The thing I enjoyed the most about the “Making Outstanding Images” series was getting to see Ming’s shot discipline in practice. In his own words, “you have the choice to take the shot, or not…” It was amazing to see the clarity with which he approached each scene, spending a large amount of time observing and considering what he was looking to get out of each frame, and how that needed to be accounted for, before ever firing the shutter. The “Editing for style” segments were where all that shot discipline clearly paid off. Ming’s processing techniques gave me a new appreciation for the power of RAW images, and how to get the most out of them. His black and white conversion techniques were eye opening and have given me a great feeling of control over what, in the past, felt like a fairly abstract process. For beginners, these videos are a must have – insightful, inspirational and informative. For seasoned professionals, they are a fantastic source of knowledge to add to or refresh your current workflow. Thank you to Ming and “KH” for their continued hard work. I am glad I finally got the chance to provide you with some small token of financial support for the months of great reading and insightful reviews I have enjoyed through your site.

Gerner Christensen (Making Outstanding Images Ep. 4 & 5) - Your episodes and teaching are really unique. This is some of the best bucks I ever spent on photography in general. You are really an ‘institution’ of knowledge and skills rather than a person who ‘just’ knows his skills and how to make them work for him and only him. You are much more than that. You can teach in a way that I believe most could benefit and become much much better photographers. Beside that you a a fantastic writer as per your blog.



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