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M: Monochrome Masterclass

A complete workflow to make outstanding, punchy images in black white: from conceptualisation to capture and postprocessing.

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Runtime: Two parts, 1h39m and 1h36m

The Monochrome Masterclass is a comprehensive 3-hour epic in two parts that examines every aspect of creating strong digital black and white images in several different styles, from the portions of the capture workflow that must be done in-camera to detailed postprocessing steps with both completed and fully worked-through examples from a color starting file. We cover use of the channel mixer and gradient filters to replicate color filters used with film. If you've ever had trouble with achieving the tonal quality or style you want in your black and white images, this is the video for you.

Chapter Listing

  • It's All About Contrast
  • The Zone System
  • Conversion Methods From Color To B&W
  • Output Examples: High Contrast
  • Output Examples: High Key Low Contrast
  • Output Examples: High Key High Contrast
  • Output Examples: Low Key High Contrast
  • Output Examples: Balanced
  • Conversion Methods
  • Desaturation
  • Channel Mixer
  • Examples
  • High Key
  • Low Key
  • Balanced
  • Balanced 2
  • Conclusion


Selected Testimonials

Graeme Allan (Monochrome Masterclass) – Again, thanks for the directions in your monochrome videos. As I said, my workflow has changed, significantly. I suppose the key elements I have learned revolve around exposure to the right and, when in PS, refining the use of curves and dodging/burning.
Initially, I could not believe that 5% was going to do anything when dodging and burning. I was wrong.

Gerner Christensen (Monochrome Masterclass) – I have now finished viewing the video and it is again a most inspiring one. As with all Mings videos it is a showcase on how to improve yourself in the entire workflow as well as learning how to become efficient in PP.
Time ago I did not believe I would need any efficiency through-putting my pictures, but as the hit rate rises step by step it has become more important to me not to sit too long at my desk and repeat over and over again the necessary clickings for each and every image. This video is full of hints and tips for fast and serious PP. By shortcuts and action recordings the dull part of PP can be eliminated.
I found the part using non-destructive curves interesting, but will park it for later usage until I am more certain in what I want to achieve.
The prelude about seeing the world in B&W and how filters works for your images is very fruitful to watch as well.
I will see this precious video again and again, just like I did with all the other videos. Seeing a video again after some time unlayers new facets of photography.
At last this video actually came to me as a kind of saviour in order to see my local boresome surroundings in a new way. How many times I saw an interesting scene spoiled by mismatching colors, things that should not be there and made me think ‘this does not work, but the shape or texture is interesting’ … suddenly the entrance door could be capturing it in B&W. I don’t know why I didn’t really see the B&W as an option, but now I do.
Thank you Ming for adding another valuable video to the already precious collection.

Michael Letchford (Monochrome Masterclass) – I’ve just bought the long awaited Monochrome Masterclass. Excellent job. Very much worth waiting for :-) .Like all of the other workshops you’ve done, I’ll have to watch it 10 times before it all sinks in!! Lots to think about and experiment with. There are also some cracking images used in your examples, which are inspiring in themselves. Loved the Havana images. Well, I would, wouldn’t I?

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