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H4: How To See, Ep4: Melbourne

What did I see/ shoot? Why did I shoot what I shot? Why do some images work?

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Runtime 2h50m

Episode 1 (Kuala Lumpur), Episode 2 (Tokyo), and Episode 3 (Penang), we travel to Melbourne, Australia. I grew up here, but after being away for 18 years - I honestly recognise very little of it, and the city feels completely different to the Melbourne of my childhood. Looking harder, some familiarity remains, though for the most part, cultural development has added a layer of depth and sophistication to Melbourne which made it very enjoyable from both a travellers' perspective and a photographic standpoint. I visit various iconic locations including St. Kilda, Federation Square, Luna Park, Southbank, the graffiti lane, and various other areas around the city. Rapidly changing light and weather mean adapting quickly to the different conditions both technically and compositionally; light affects visibility which of course affects prominence of subjects and composition. Look over my shoulder as I photograph and explain how I'm seeing the world, what I'm consciously thinking about when I work, and the post processing and curation choices I make to reach the final output.

Chapter Listing

  • St Kilda Road/Carlisle Street
  • Luna Park & Beach
  • Accland Street & Peanut Farm Reserve
  • Luna Park
  • Carlisle Street/Balaclava
  • Southbank
  • Southbank & Federation Square
  • Federation Square & Hosier Lane




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