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H1: How To See, Ep1: Kuala Lumpur

What did I see/ shoot? Why did I shoot what I shot? Why do some images work?

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Runtime 1h56m

This will be a new series of videos that merges travel and photography: simply put, you spend some time with me whilst I shoot in various cities around the world; you see over my shoulder, inside my viewfinder, and of course get the benefit of discussion of the ensuing images. In essence, you get to experience vicariously how I view the world. Needless to say, we start with my home city: Kuala Lumpur. I explain what's catching my attention in a particular location, how and why I chose that particular framing and processing. On top of that, we talk about why a particular image works - or doesn't. Episode two will be shot in Tokyo, and available around the end of November.

Chapter Listing

  • Introduction
  • The coffeeshop
  • Motorbike and arch
  • Old building
  • Arches
  • Shutters and bills
  • Road crossing
  • Shophouse + buildings 1
  • Shophouse + buildings 2
  • Clock tower
  • An elevated perspective
  • Reflections
  • Arches 2
  • Gated pipes
  • Urban colosseum
  • Grab shot in a taxi mirror
  • Nightfall
  • The tailor
  • Cinematic taxi
  • Conclusion


Selected Testimonials

Michael Tapes (How To See Ep1) – Excellent. I think that this is the first time someone has done this type of see through my eyes instruction, and your use of video to go along with your thinking process is an GREAT way to teach. As with my previous teacher, with you, that is specifically what i want to learn. HOW TO SEE. I had done a walking tour of my neighborhood in NJ with my teacher as he explained what he saw, and that was very valuable to me at the time. Having this and future videos will be great. The exact thing that I have to learn is to talk to myself as I am looking at life and work my way to finding and making good pictures. So congratulations on the concept and execution, and I look forward to more in the future.

Mark Chai (How To See Ep1) – Hi Ming Thein, your ‘ How To See Ep1 ‘ is awesome! Does this mean there will be an Ep2 ? Could hardly wait if there is Ep2. Your video is worth every penny and beyond!

Andrew Yew (How To See Ep1, Compact Camera Masterclass) - I just watched the KL episode, and it was really good and well worth the price. All street photographers should watch it to see how one should work a scene. I don’t feel so bad anymore loitering in one place for 15 minutes taking dozens of shots when I see much better photographers than me do it as a matter of course! That is also a very clever use of the video recording feature of the E-M5 as a teaching tool, especially with that amazing 5-axis stabilizer. BTW, CC masterclass is amazing, especially the 2nd half in the field. It was really nice to see how fluidly you used that little Sony (TX30?), and the really nice results you got out of it. It was nice to see that in contrast to all of the pixel-peeping techno angst on the rest of the Internet. I wonder if a real-world field presentation like that of a camera would result in more sales for it … The way you presented it too was quite a contrast to Sony’s fairly insulting anti-DSLR ads, and it makes people (well, me at least) want to go out and take pictures, because it feels like I have the tools now to make good-looking images.

Kumi (How To See Ep1) – Finished watching How To See Video last night. This is the first time I bought these kind of work shop video so I wasn’t sure to pay that price…I am glad I did, it was GREAT! For me it was very informative in good balanced … I means you are leaving some space for us to think, too. I also enjoyed as a documentary film. Love the scene of the cafe in KL. Look forward to see Tokyo ver.

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