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F: Compact Camera Masterclass

A standalone degustation into the way I work and produce outstanding results with compact cameras

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Runtime 2h20m (Trailer below)

CCM is a standalone video for those of you looking to get a bit more out of your compact without getting too serious: the principles apply to all cameras, however buttons and menus of course differ, so you might need to delve into the manual to check how to access certain settings. We cover both technical and compositional aspects, with plenty of examples under a mix of commonly encountered photographic situations. It's really a little bit of everything - think of it as a very high level degustation into the way I shoot and produce the images I do with compact cameras - this article on using compacts for professional work will give you an idea on what's possible.

Chapter Listing

  • Introduction
  • Fundamentals: Basics of photography
  • Fundamentals: Exposure
  • Fundamentals: Perspective
  • Fundamentals: Composition
  • Fundamentals: What makes a good image
  • Fundamentals: Light
  • Fundamentals: Subject isolation
  • Fundamentals: Composition
  • Fundamentals: The idea
  • Fundamentals: Limitations
  • Fundamentals: Strengths
  • Fundamentals: Examples
  • Fundamentals: Metering
  • Fundamentals: Camera controls
  • Fundamentals: Technique
  • Shooting Outdoors
  • Shooting Indoors
  • Photographing Objects
  • Portraiture
  • Low Light & Night Photography
  • Conclusion


Selected Testimonials

Eric Hanson (How To See Ep1, Compact Camera Masterclass) – Just finished watching both videos: How To See Ep1, and The Compact Camera Masterclass. WoW!!! They are incredible, I really like the use of technology in both. The Compact Camera Master Class is proof that most people don’t know how to use a camera. Your images and ideas taken with that little blue point and shoot are stunning and very doable. Well done in both!

Andrew Yew (How To See Ep1, Compact Camera Masterclass) - I just watched the KL episode, and it was really good and well worth the price. All street photographers should watch it to see how one should work a scene. I don’t feel so bad anymore loitering in one place for 15 minutes taking dozens of shots when I see much better photographers than me do it as a matter of course! That is also a very clever use of the video recording feature of the E-M5 as a teaching tool, especially with that amazing 5-axis stabilizer. BTW, CC masterclass is amazing, especially the 2nd half in the field. It was really nice to see how fluidly you used that little Sony (TX30?), and the really nice results you got out of it. It was nice to see that in contrast to all of the pixel-peeping techno angst on the rest of the Internet. I wonder if a real-world field presentation like that of a camera would result in more sales for it … The way you presented it too was quite a contrast to Sony’s fairly insulting anti-DSLR ads, and it makes people (well, me at least) want to go out and take pictures, because it feels like I have the tools now to make good-looking images.

Corey Vickery (Compact Camera Masterclass) – Ming, I am thoroughly enjoying your Compact Camera Masterclass video and I will be purchasing the rest of your videos very soon. I hope someday you will do a review of the Sony RX1R (my camera) as well as a workshop in Los Angeles. Take care!

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